Aus Jens Rusch
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Denis Jackson zeigt das Buch "Der illustrierte Schimmelreiter", das ihm nach eigenen Angaben bei seiner Übersetzung zu "The Dykemaster" zusätzliche Informationen durch die Bilder lieferte.


The Dykemaster

"Some notes and a small excerpt from the original text - This book belongs to the most successful illustration works of classical literature. Already in the second edition published, nearly already again out of print, this success shows that the publishers understood it to convert the close sphere of the master novella. That can be also because of the fact that both the Illustrator Jens Rusch, and all represented persons the habitat Storms to come of: the North Sea Coast. Many school book publishing houses took over in part illustrations of this book and on many homepage appear these pictures. Also you can use fee-free Downloads of these illustrations for your homepage, if you do not forget the usual indication of author and a linking with this side! The book contains the original text Theodor Storms unabridged. We place some excerpts beside the illustrations from the book." Denis Jackson

The Dykemaster, is one of the most celebrated works of classic German fiction. Denis Jackson's new translation, the first for many years, sets out to recreate the full impact of Theodor Storm's masterpiece - a task in which no previous English version has succeeded. The Dykemaster is the tale of a visionary young north Frisian Deichgraf of the 18th century, creator of a new form of dyke. The short-sighted and self-seeking community with which he is at odds turns him into a phantom, seen riding his grey along the dyke whenever the sea threatens to break through. The rationalistic storyteller, in a highly sophisticated narrative structure, belongs to a later age, and what he relates is a veiled critique of the dyke officials of his own day. The eerie west Schleswig-Holstein coast, with its vast, hallucinatory tided flats, hushed polders and terrifying North Sea, is the setting for a tale which grips from first page to last with its dynamic tensions and shifts of focus, mood and pace. Storm's dense narrative further invites the reader to ask whether progress is possible, how the historical record is established, what parts are played by the rational and the irrational in human existence.

Koreanische Ausgabe

".........Something now came towards me along the dyke; I heard nothing; but when the half-moon cast its thin light I thought I made out a dark figure, and soon, as it came nearer, I saw it, it was riding a horse, a long-legged, lean grey; a dark cloak fluttered about the figure's shoulders, and as it sped past, a pair of burning eyes looked at me from a pallid face. Who was he? What did he want? - It then occurred to me, I had heard no hoof beats, no horse's panting; and horse and rider had passed close by! Lost in thought I rode on, but I had little time for further reflection before it passed me again; this time from behind. I seemed to feel the streaming cloak brush against me and as on the first occasion the apparition flew by without a sound."

Translation : Denis Jackson 1996



Die Illustrationen von Jens Rusch entsprechen durch Ihre Werktreue und ihre realistische Darstellungen in besonderer Weise den Ansprüchen an zeitgemäßes Unterrichts- material. Gehörten bislang neben den Literaturfreunden überwiegend Lehrer/innen zu den Hauptabnehmern des illustrierten Werkes, so bietet jetzt der Deich-Verlag auf vielfältigen Wunsch endlich auch eine preiswerte Ausgabe für Schüler und Schulklassen an. Lehrer sollten sich nach Staffelpreisen erkundigen. Harte Zeiten brechen für die nüchternen Reclam-Heftchen an.



Sprecher: Wolfgang Büttner (1912-1990), der Schauspieler mit dem markanten Aussehen und der eindrucksvollen Stimme, wirkte neben seiner Tätigkeit für das Theater schon früh in zahlreichen Fernsehproduktionen mit, vor allem in beliebten Familien- und Krimiserien. Auch als Synchronsprecher war er sehr gefragt und lieh u. a. Donald Pleasence, Cyril Cusac oder Frank Cady seine Stimme.